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This is where you will find current and general information about the Vega International Car-Transport and Logistic-Trading Gesellschaft m.b.H. We are happy to provide you with all of our press releases for download. You can learn more about us in our VEGA Magazine.

Vegatrans is the market leader in the commercial vehicle transport sector.

Annually, we transport around 160,000 vehicles and function as a carrier for renowned manufacturers such as MAN, Iveco, Mercedes, and Volvo.

Our highly skilled employees drive an impressive 50 million km each year to guarantee the safe delivery of our customers' vehicles to their desired locations. This seamless process is based on sophisticated logistics and planning, which are managed from our headquarters in Salzburg. With 11 subsidiaries in Europe and Asia, we are continuously expanding our international network.

Despite the internationality and cultural diversity of our employees, we all pull in the same direction to ensure the highest standards of quality and environmental awareness. In our 'World of Green Logistics,' Excellence is our driver, and we are constantly committed to innovation and sustainable solutions.


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Key figures

Founding year 1990
Corporate structure GmbH
Locations 12
Number of employees 600
Kilometers driven (2022) 50 Mio.
Vehicles transported 160.000

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