VEGA Excellence
Our success story

The company

Five partners founded Vega in 1990. Thanks to their wealth of experience in the transport and logistics business, the young company quickly acquired customers. 

Rapid development

With their innovative spirit and a passion for the business, the partners developed new transport solutions, which quickly proved themselves on the market.

By utilizing special low floor trailers, trucks with a height of up to 4 m could be transported for the first time, paving their way to future success. Some of the earliest contracts signed by Vega included a combination of transport methods such as ro-ro shipments.

World of green logistics

For the last 25 years, Vega has continued to expand their market share. We currently have locations and partner offices throughout Europe.

As the largest commercial vehicle transport company in Europe, we are proud of our record of environmental responsibility, and consistently seek to develop and to improve it. We continuously strive to provide the best possible services for clients from year-to-year.

Vegatrans Excellence

  • Internationally active company
  • Complete logistics handling
  • ISO certification
  • Sustainable transportation logistics
  • Highly qualified workforce
"Very innovative company"
Johann Russegger, Quality Austria