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Corporate Social Responsibility

Three words of great importance for society. VEGA has incorporated sustainability into the company’s values and standards. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just a modern slogan for us: it is a way of life at VEGA and engages in work processes, as well as in environmentally friendly and philanthropic business conditions.

“For me, this active responsibility for sustainable development, which goes far beyond legal requirements, is a part of my philosophy for life,” says Franz Blum, CEO of VEGA.

VEGA is a company that operates sustainably and assumes social responsibility in the form of environmental protection, sparing use of resources and fair treatment of employees, as well as ensuring that social and ecological responsibility is taken care of throughout the entire value chain.

Vegatrans Excellence

  • Internationally active company
  • Complete logistics handling
  • ISO certification
  • Sustainable transportation logistics
  • Highly qualified workforce


As proof of the successful implementation of our CSR management system, we were the fifth company in Austria to receive ONR 192500:2011 certification from qualityaustria on 19 January 2018.


The criterion for this certification is a management system

  • in which the area of responsibility for social responsibility is set,
  • that recognises the needs of stakeholders,
  • in which the relevant fields of action of the core topics are identified and priorities are set.

In addition to compliance with national legislation, it is also necessary to deal with the following key issues:

  • Organisational governance
  • Human rights
  • Working practices
  • Environment
  • Fair operational and business practices
  • Consumer concerns
  • Integration and development of the community


“CSR is more than just a moral issue - sustainable business management will be a decisive factor in the company's success!”
Rupert Pliem, External Consultant