VEGA Excellence
Our success story

Driver Academy

The “VEGA-Driver Academy” was founded under the guidance of Thomas Schinagl in 2014. Its goal is to provide ongoing training to our drivers and to stay current with the always-increasing requirements of the industry.

It is only by using constant and recurring education, strong cooperation, and excellent teamwork that our trainers will be able to update the knowledge and the skills of our drivers.

In order to provide our clients with excellent service, it is up to our employees to maintain the high market value of VEGA.

The outstanding quality of our organization is a direct result of the strengths and capabilities of our employees, striving for excellence in everything we do, and the outstanding reputation that VEGA enjoys with the public.

Vegatrans Excellence

  • Internationally active company
  • Complete logistics handling
  • ISO certification
  • Sustainable transportation logistics
  • Highly qualified workforce
"Comprehensive driver training integrated into the continuous improvement program"
Johann Russegger, Quality Austria