World of green logistics
Underway on the environmental track


Since May 2015, we have been able to provide the electrical needs of the Wals – Siezenheim location on sunny days with the newly installed photovoltaic plant - another example of how we continue to contribute in a sustainable fashion to the protection of the environment. The photovoltaic plants for our locations in Ulm, Wörth, Ghent and Karlovy Vary are already in the planning stages.

Vegatrans Excellence

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  • Complete logistics handling
  • ISO certification
  • Sustainable transportation logistics
  • Highly qualified workforce

World of green logistics is not just a slogan. It has been part of the VEGA company philosophy for years. “Green Logistics was part of our daily life even before it was a buzzword”, according to Franz Blum, Executive Director of VEGA.

We take an active part in protecting the environment. We do this by working hard at innovative and sustainable ways to protect the environment and natural resources with the use of modern transport concepts. Through specialized training and education, our drivers learn to steer their vehicles as responsibly as possible.

Constructing photovoltaic plants in all of our locations is another goal in the effort to become further involved in environmental protection.

Our ship and train solutions in particular helped us save over 1 million tons of CO2 in 2014. We are looking forward to actively continuing to protect the environment by the ongoing expansion of our World of green logistics. Thanks to the outstanding cooperation with Rail Cargo Austria and the Deutsche Bahn, we can lay claim to multiple awards for active environmental protection. Yet it‘s not enough to just talk about it, it has to be acted upon. “We don‘t need a green ribbon. We live and breathe environmental responsibility!” Franz Blum, when discussing green logistics - a commitment to the environment.


Intermodal r2L Technic

Kässbohrer Transport Technik and VEGA International are developing and building tailor-made systems for effective and efficient ship and rail transport.

Pure Green Pioneers

With the cooperation "Pure Green Pioneers" Vegatrans commited itself to applying climate-neutral transports together with other partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Three words of great importance for society. VEGA has incorporated sustainability into the company’s values and standards.

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VEGA and Kässbohrer connect road and rail with new transport and loading solutions.

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"Deutscher Verkehrswendepreis" for our r2L technology.

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"Consistent implementation of the environmental program.
Comprehensive driver training integrated into the continuous improvement program"
Johann Russegger, Quality Austria