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Underway on the environmental track

Sustainability Report

Every year, VEGA publishes a Communication on Progress (COP) that highlights our company's commitment to how we perceive and integrate our responsibilities towards the environment, our employees and society into our work processes.

The sustainability report will be sent to you on request.


It is our duty to actively participate in and cooperate with social organisations. We therefore support the implementation of various programmes by organisations such as:


Relief Efforts

Wherever our help is needed, we try to provide direct support through local measures and provide precise assistance. Our donations are intended to reach people who are in urgent need as a result of environmental factors, political persecution or other reasons.

2014 Bosnia Flooding

Care Packages – 2015 Salzburg Refugee Wave

Christmas wishes come true

Giving a little joy - since 2017 we have been working together with Caritas Salzburg to make the Christmas wishes of socially deprived families and children come true. In 2017, we were able to make twelve Christmas wishes come true.

“In my view, awareness within the company for responsible, sustainable action in core business is very high. The newly created sustainability report and UN Global Compact membership underline Vegatrans' commitment to CSR.”
Agnes Steinberger, Chartered Engineer, Quality Austria