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"Deutscher Verkehrswendepreis" for our r2L technology.

"Deutscher Verkehrswendepreis" for our r2L technology.

The rail freight of tomorrow. VEGA International Logistics has developed the roadrailLink (r2L) technology together with the vehicle transport manufacturer Kässbohrer Transport Technik and thus found an efficient solution for semi-trailers that were previously not craneable. The r2L Connector makes 97 percent of all non-combinable truck trailers craneable. The technology thus creates added ecological value, increases the permeability of traffic, and thus saves CO₂ emissions. On top it helps to solve the driver crisis.

Together with our partner VTG AG, we took part in the competition "Deutscher Verkehrswendepreis" this year and the innovative power, the great potential for implementing modal shift, through the r2L technology was recognised as a best practice example for sustainable transport and mobility by an independent jury of experts from science and practice from the Pro-Rail Alliance. The award is part of the "Verkehrswende konkret" project, which is sponsored by the German Federal Environment Agency and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.

VEGA International Logistics will continue to take an active part in environmental protection and will continue to save CO₂ emissions with future innovations. "We don't need a ribbon. We live and breathe environmental responsibility!", says Franz Blum, Executive Director of VEGA.