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Transport by train

In the World of green logistics, we try to assess our system based on how environmentally friendly the entire process is. Transportation by rail is an especially important part of the equation. We completed a detailed internal environmental study, which proves that Vegatrans completes over 40% of all transports utilizing environmentally friendly transportation methods. In this way, we were able to save around 7,000 tons of emissions by using the rolling motorway (RoLa) connection between Salzburg and Trieste and back from 2009 until August 2015.   

We use rail transportation every day and thus play an active role in environmental protection. Whole trains are now included in our service portfolio. Our trains can be seen in the following video.

Loading trailers onto the train VEGA transport by train Tractor-trailer transport on the tracks Tractor-trailer transport on the tracks Transport via RoLa

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