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General Behavior Guidelines

for the correct behavior in case of an accident

1.) Stop your vehicle:

All drivers coming upon the scene of an accident are required to stop (even if you are not directly involved in the accident).

3.) Offer first aid:

Help must be offered to injured people. If you are not able to assist, then ensure that other people take over.

4.) Call the police:

The police must be called any time there are accidents with injuries. (Note: even minor injuries are considered personal injuries). This is the case even when the injured party does not request it! In addition, if two or more vehicles are involved in an accident outside of the country, the police must be called.

7.) Call the office/notify us on our app:

The office must be notified about all accidents! It does not matter whether people were injured or there was only damage to the drivers vehicle or public installations such as guardrails or traffic signs. Detailed information must be provided about the amount and type of the damages. The office will then contact the client.

9.) Document:

the accident with photos, taken from different vantage points!

10.) When all accident measures have been completed:

When all measures to be taken in case of an accident, as noted above, have been completed contact the office to discuss the next step! If your vehicle is no longer in a drivable condition, follow the directions for technical breakdown, theft or accident!

2.) Secure the scene of the accident:

Every accident scene must be sufficiently secured against traffic from both directions. The use of a warning triangle is mandatory. The distance on local roads is 130 to 150 m, on the autobahn 200 to 250 m.

4.) Call emergency operations

If injured people need more assistance, emergency operations must be called.

6.) Do not change anything at the scene of the accident:

The vehicles involved in the accident may not be removed under any circumstances from the scene of the accident before the police arrive. This is the only way the accident can be accurately reconstructed. (The only exceptions are cases where the vehicles present danger to traffic).

8.) Filling out the accident report form:

In the case of vehicle accidents (liability loss), it is especially important that a European accident report form is ALWAYS completed. (Even if the police report the accident). Fill out the accident report neatly in print, enter all information and give the most detailed description possible. // Take note of the following:

• When possible take the police report with you, or at least write down the case number

• Write down which police station / officer handled the accident

• Both parties of the accident must sign the accident report

• Do not sign any admission of guilt

• You must demand the "green insurance card" from the other party to the accident!