Excellence is our driver
Car Transport and Logistics

General Behavior Guidelines

for a safe and accident-free trip

If a red warning appears on the dashbord, turn the engine off immediately!

0.00 Blood alcohol level / Absolutely no alcohol while your are working!

Smoking in the vehicle is strictly forbidden!

Entering the cabins with dirty shoes is forbidden!

Maximum allowed truck speed

Maximum allowed travel bus speed

No trailering allowed

Spinning the wheels is not allowed!

Placing items on the dashboard or on seats is forbidden!

MP3 players are not allowed

Transport of non-company personnel or goods in the cab is forbidden!

Turn off vehicle immediately! Avoid unnecessary noise and pollution!

Transmission gears must be in neutral or park gear when parking

Beachte die ordnungsgemäße Handhabe mit den Schlüsseln

Pack all luggage securely!

Always drive in the green zone

Use of medication which impacts your driving capabilities is forbidden!

No eating or drinking in the vehicles

Attaching devices directly to the onboard electronics is strictly forbidden

Maximum allowed city bus speed

Passing in the group is strictly forbidden!

Watch the braking action of semi-trailers and trucks without trailers/mounts

Remove ice from windshield before using windshield wipers!

Use only hands-free sets for phone calls!

Use of laptops and tablets is not allowed while driving!

Animals are forbidden in the vehicles!

Ensure that all electrical items are turned off!

Always set the emergency brake when parking or at a stop!

Ensure that windows, doors, sunroof etc. are closed!