Excellence is our driver
Car Transport and Logistics

General Behavior Guidelines

for a nice and safe handling

Observe good personal hygiene and appearance

Safety shoes must be worn in all work areas!

Smoking in the vehicle is strictly forbidden!

0.00 Blood alcohol level/Absolutely no alcohol while you are working!

Seatbelts must be used at all times (including shuttles)

No eating or drinking in the vehicles

Passing of other work vehicles is strictly forbidden!

Use of horn is forbidden

Use only hands-free sets for phone calls!

Transport of non-company personnel or goods in the cab is forbidden!

Leaning on vehicles is forbidden

Placing items on the dashboard or on seats is forbidden!

Shorts and sleeveless shirts are forbidden

No flip-flops or sandals

Warning vests are required in designated areas

If a red warning appears on the dashboard, turn the engine off immediately!

Check the tire pressure

Cooking in or on the vehicle is strictly forbidden!

Spinning the wheels is not allowed!

Remove ice from windshield before using windshield wipers!

MP3 players are not allowed

Animals are forbidden in the vehicles!

Always separate waste!

Taking photographs in work areas is strictly forbidden!