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Certificate for CO2-Free Business Travel

In 2017, VEGA was again awarded a certificate for CO2-free business travel by DB Vertrieb GmbH.

In order for us to provide transport for you, our drivers have to reach your transport goods. And what better way to go with Vegatrans than an environmentally friendly arrival and departure?

In 2017, our drivers were able to cover a total of 2,055,121 passenger kilometres in DB Fernverkehr (long-distance transport) on the way to their orders, thereby driving with 100% green energy.

As a thank you, Vegatrans was awarded a certificate by DB Vertrieb GmbH, which further spurs us on to allow our drivers travel from A to B in a completely environmentally friendly manner over the next few years. Because at Vegatrans, environmental aspects take centre stage!

Association of European Vehicle Logistics