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Our contribution for Eurovision 2017

Transfer of a NEOPLAN Cityliner to Kiev.

We were allowed to be part in the greatest musician competition in Europe, by transporting a Neoplan Cityliner to Kiev. Delivered on time and without any damages, the bus was used to transport the VIP guests of the Eurovision Songcontest.

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The Translation of the article in English

Kiev has purchased a VIP coach for Eurovision 2017 (video)

The Eurovision 2017 song contest is already close upon us and a tender has been announced on an urgent basis to acquire a luxury coach for the transportation of VIP guests. The tender was won by the MAN Truck and Bus Ukraine company. (By Yuri Gogolev - 20.04.2017)

The MAN Truck and Bus Ukraine company, the official representative of MAN Truck & Bus AG, has won Kievpastrans KP's tender for the supply of a coach for guests of the impending Eurovision 2017 song contest. As a result, a ceremony was held on 20 April within the grounds of Bus Park No. 2 for the official hand-over of the latest tourist liner Neoplan Cityliner, with its luxury Individual specifications.

The Neoplan Cityliner was the first new coach of this brand to be imported into Ukraine in recent years. It goes without saying that national carriers would not been able to afford a vehicle such as this. The cost of the coach in its present configuration is 9 million, 950 thousand hriven. And this is a special price, the standard price being much higher.

"Coaches of such specifications have not yet been supplied to Ukraine, and nor have the new Neoplan cars in general," says Alexander Ostanovich, Business Director of MAN Truck and Bus Ukraine. "There are a lot of systems here that are the standard for Europe but not very popular with us, and which are designed for the comfort of the passengers as well as the driver. Examples of these are regulated CDC hydropneumatic suspension, conditioning, heating, kitchenette and extra fridges."

"We don't supply all that many coaches, so for us every coach is special. It really is a market event. If we take a look at the statistics, only two new large coaches of European manufacturers were sold in Ukraine in 2016, and both of these were produced by ourselves. And two coaches have been sold this year too, also manufactured by our company."

The Neoplan Cityliner measures 12.24 m in length, 2.55 m in width and 3.72 m in height, and is designed to transport 49 passengers. There are also two seats for guides plus one for the driver. In addition to the luxury seating and the numerous controls, the coach boasts a kitchenette, toilet and two refrigerators. The total volume of the underfloor luggage compartments is 12.2 m3.

The Neoplan Cityliner is manufactured at MAN Truck & Bus AG's production plant in Ankara, which was visited two years ago by Ukrainian journalists, and where the whole line of MAN and Neoplan coaches was tested.

This vehicle is equipped with a modern standard Euro 6 – MAN D2676 LOH turbo-diesel with a working volume of 12.4 and a capacity of 420 l.s. (2,100 Nm at 930 - 1,350 ob/min). The gear box is an automatic 12-speed MAN TipMatic. Particular comfort and stability on the road is assured by the pneumatic wheel suspension (independent at the front) with shock-absorbers of variable rigidity, depending on the road conditions (CDC system). Electronic systems are also in place to ensure security: responsive ACC cruise control, ESP stabilisation, and the EB emergency braking system for when obstacles appear on the road. There is also the LGS Lane Guard System for tracking and signage, which gives the driver not only sound alerts but also tactile signals through the seat. Effectively deceleration of the multi-tonne vehicle is facilitated by the MAN BrakeMatic engine brake. So guests to the Eurovision 2017 contest are bound to appreciate the Neoplan Cityliner's high level of comfort. And hopefully so too will regular Ukrainian passengers on intercity routes.

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