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2. VEGA International Albert Trophy

A very special major event – the international VEGA soccer tournament.

Since social involvement is a way of life at VEGA, we hold an annual soccer tournament to strengthen our common bond. The former Soccer Cup has been renamed the Albert Trophy in honor of a former employee after his tragic passing.

The second VEGA International Albert Trophy took place in Poreč, Croatia from September 19-21, 2014. Soccer teams from eight nations competed on a small field for the honor of being named the top Vega team of 2014.

The awards ceremony was a spectacular event which took place amidst beautiful surroundings in Poreč. The team from the Czech Republic, defending last year‘s title, once again won the first place trophy. The second place went to Team Turkey, and the third place team was Vega Romania, while our host came in at fourth place.

We are looking forward to the third annual Albert Trophy. Croatia will again be the host country.



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