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Revival of the silk road

A highlight of the year – transporting trucks manufactured by the Chinese company DONGFENG to Moscow.

Since last year, we have been supporting Chinese manufacturers and their importers on the land route from China to Russia. We have also transported two semi-trailers from Altenberge to Wuhan along the northern Silk Road in support of the German trailer manufacturer Schmitz. The company is in the process of opening a factory as part of a joint venture.

A particular highlight this year was the transport of trucks, manufactured by the Chinese company of Dongfeng, to Moscow for a trade fair. While under enormous time pressure, our best drivers successfully completed the trip overland from China, through Kazakhstan, to Russia.

In recognition of this outstanding accomplishment, VEGA received commendations from the executive management of VH-DONGFENG OOO “Stroyavtomatika”, the Belgian group TURBO S HOET RUSSIA, and DONGFENG Trucks. We are very proud to have received this recognition and look forward to further successful cooperation. 

Certificate of appreciation from Serge van HulleDONGFENG truck at the trade fair in Moscow

Association of European Vehicle Logistics